16 replies to Laura B. – Set 22

  1. California Yakolev

    My favorite CandyDoll set of all time — Laura completely destroyed all
    their other models! “Dear Santa: I know you are a busy man, so all I
    want for Christmas is …”

  2. Perch

    That beautiful smiling face shows she knows how hot her body is and she gets a buzz from displaying it for all us lucky guys. Thanks modelblog

  3. Lapsed cannibal

    This amazingly pretty thing has to be the most sizzling teen ever. And what a hot costume and great photography — sublime work modelblog !!!

  4. Ivan

    I have no clue where this beauty is from. Where do you go to see such perfect girls, Mars? I’ve never found any like this on Earth

  5. I like Candys

    @Ivan I think Laura”s a Russian or Ukrainian. She’s hot enough to blister your eyeballs, especially in this set

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