28 replies to Laura B. – Set 22

  1. California Yakolev

    My favorite CandyDoll set of all time — Laura completely destroyed all
    their other models! “Dear Santa: I know you are a busy man, so all I
    want for Christmas is …”

  2. Perch

    That beautiful smiling face shows she knows how hot her body is and she gets a buzz from displaying it for all us lucky guys. Thanks modelblog

  3. Lapsed cannibal

    This amazingly pretty thing has to be the most sizzling teen ever. And what a hot costume and great photography — sublime work modelblog !!!

  4. Ivan

    I have no clue where this beauty is from. Where do you go to see such perfect girls, Mars? I’ve never found any like this on Earth

  5. I like Candys

    @Ivan I think Laura”s a Russian or Ukrainian. She’s hot enough to blister your eyeballs, especially in this set

  6. Iain76

    …And it was the hottest day of the year already, lol! Absolutely stunning set. Such sweet poses, such charming eyes, such cute figure, such hot outfit…wow!

  7. Just lookin'

    That’s a fricken unreal body right there. Amazing set. Please put up more like this modelblog OK?

  8. Johnnie Durecks

    Her pretty laughing face gladdens my heart & an epic black bikini & stockings costume as well

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