9 replies to Valensiya S. – Set 20

  1. Mr Burns

    Totes awesome bod but what I like most is her face, especially when she laughs. To think some lucky guy is her bf and gets to be with her and see that face for real every day … who wouldn’t want to be that guy???

  2. California Yakolev

    If Valensiya had lived 3000 years ago, the City Fathers of Athens would have taken one look at her, and immortalized her across all time by asking her to
    model their statues of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, who was usually
    considered to be their most SMASHING goddess of all! I always felt this is
    Valensiya’s cutest and prettiest CandyDoll set!

  3. Cyber Woo

    If beauty was money, Bill Gates, Trump and the rest would be paupers compared to a gazillionaire like Valensiya. She’s pure gold

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