9 replies to Valensiya S. – Set 28

  1. Arabian Knight

    That final close-up of her face. That is heaven right there. It makes me weak at the knees just looking

  2. Dirtwad

    unclealice, VS and LB are generally considered CD’s most famous models. alissaP and katieM are very nice but a little out of their league with VS and LB.

  3. unclealice

    @dirtwad i guess its personal taste but this will shock a few! i didnt see what all the fuss over sandra model was all about,thats blasphemy for many!lol

  4. Dirtwad

    unclealice, Sandra Model did some great bikini shoots, particularly the waterfall ones, but in 99 percent of her sets I didn’t see why there was all the fuss either, as you said

  5. TTR

    Valensiya S. and Laura B. are the one two punch of candy doll. No one even comes close. Just my opinion.

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